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Photo Of The Riverwalk - Located In Conway, SC
Welcome To The Grand Strand!

The Grand Strand is an arc of beach land (Northern Coastal Region South Carolina) on the Atlantic Ocean extending more than 60 miles.

Hosting over 14.6 million visitors annually, The Grand Strand is home to an array of tourist attractions, and the area receives a large influx of visitors during the spring and summer seasons.

The term Grand Strand dates back to a November 19, 1949 The Myrtle Beach Sun column titled "From the Grandstand" and another titled "From the Grand Strand" on December 3, 1949 in The Myrtle Beach News.

The area has become a major tourist attraction along the Southeastern coast, with its primary city, Myrtle Beach, attracting over ten million visitors each season. It is home to numerous hotels, golf resorts, and recreational centers, making it popular with families and college students during the summers and winters. -- above from Wikipedia

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Grand Strand Cities/Areas/Towns

Little River
North Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Surfside Beach
Garden City
Murrells Inlet
Pawleys Island

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